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Release Notes - August 27th, 2023
Release Notes - August 27th, 2023
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Main Highlights

New Objective - Twitter "Pre-Roll Views"

You now have the ability to create Pre-Roll views in our activation module for Twitter.

Keep in mind - For this objective, you must define the creative in the audience step, as it is unique to it.

Other Updates

  • LinkedIn API is now updated to version 202306

  • Google API is now updated to version 14

  • Auto-Optimization feature is now deprecated due to strategy shift in our product

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with manual selection of placements in Facebook activation

  • Fixed an issue with ODAX settings for saved audiences

  • Fixed an issue where custom conversion events weren't shown

  • Fixed an issue with placement customization for default selection

  • Fixed an issue where ODAX would sometime disappear for new campaigns

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