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Release Notes - April 2nd, 2023
Release Notes - April 2nd, 2023
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Main Highlights

Pie chart enhancement - Split by metrics

We've added the ability to select multiple metrics in Pie charts, and see the split between the total of them. This is very helpful when viewing conversion events from different sources.

Keep in mind: You cannot use multiple metrics and grouping at the same time.

Creative Library - Post Eligibility

We've improved the UI of our creative library to show all posts that are associated with page, and "grey out" the ones that aren't eligible for promotion.

Intercom chat widget deprecation

We're saying goodbye to our chat widget in order to offer you better support via our support portal. This portal already proved itself in providing faster resolutions to your questions & issues.

Other Updates

  • Updated the margin setup logic in the permissions screen.
    One is for reporting only, the other is about the budget setup in activation.

  • We've added the ability to delete manual data sources

  • We've updated Facebook's API to V16

  • We're continuing with our performance upgrades, and you should experience less bugs and faster loading.

Bug Fixes


  • Updated the default action for Outcome sales objectives in Facebook

  • Fixed issue with editing ad set bid cap for CBO campaigns in Facebook

  • Fixed issue with preview of Snapchat story ads

  • Fixed issue with conversion values for Twitter

  • Redesigned our attribution logic & U, to adhere to Facebook's new API.

  • Fixed issue with filtering to active status in TikTok

  • Fixed issue with ad name breakdown in TikTok

  • Fixed issue with organic posts preview in TikTok

  • Fixed issue with ad name filter in LinkedIn

  • Fixed issue with breakdowns and engagement metrics in Facebook

  • Fixed parity issue with video views metrics and custom channels

  • Fixed display issue for YouTube ads

  • Fixed issue with ad set duplication


  • Fixed an issue in TikTok with selecting pixels in draft

  • Fixed issue with video uploads


  • Fixed issue with campaign group management features (sharing & setting up budgets)\

  • Fixed issue with environment for public link viewers

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