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Release Notes - March 12th, 2023
Release Notes - March 12th, 2023
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Main Highlights

Major improvements in performance & stability

We've now migrated our legacy code to a more modern one, which will increase the overall speed of the platform, mostly in activation, while also stabilizing it further, meaning you'll encounter fewer issues.

Other Updates

  • Added "Total Budget" to Twitter

  • Restored the help center button

  • Renamed TikTok's "Organic Post" to "Video (Organic)", when using ad format breakdown.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with modifying the width of widgets

  • Fixed issue with editing ad set bid cap for CBO campaigns

  • Fixed issue with creative previews visualization

  • Fixed issues with Link clicks & CPC in TikTok & Snapchat

  • Fixed issue with slowness using "contain" filter

  • Significantly improved duplication time from campaign list widget

  • Fixed multiple issues with excel exports


  • Significantly improved Facebook campaign creation time

  • Fixed issue with Twitter campaign creation that caused multiple duplications

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