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Release Notes - January 29th, 2023
Release Notes - January 29th, 2023
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Main Highlights

Spend Monitoring Metrics (Unique to Paragone)

We've introduced four new metrics that will help monitor your campaign's spend:

  • Total Budget
    This will take into account various budget types (lifetime, daily, CBO, etc.) and provide a single value for the budget. If it's daily with no end date, it'll be displayed as "Continuous".

  • Total Spend
    This will show the total spend of the campaign, regardless of the time period (i.e lifetime value)

  • Remaining Budget (Total Budget - Total Spend)

  • Spend Progress (Total Spend/Total Budget)

These metrics are only available for campaign level and above.

Current supported networks: Meta.

New Support Service

We've moved to a better support system, that will help us understand your requests faster, while also provide full transparency on the status of your request.

For more information, please see this detailed article

New Administration Menu

We've redesign and grouped the various administration pages under one menu.

Within this menu you'll find:

  • My Profile - You personal profile settings

  • Users - List of users in your organization

  • Brands - List of brands created

  • Ad Accounts - All ad accounts that were imported to your organization

  • Integrations - Various integration features such as our API, Zapier and more.

Other Updates

  • We've added a new objective for our activation - TikTok Reach

  • We've added additional targeting to LinkedIn activation such as company name, job title, etc.

  • We've added a new endpoint to our API, to support fetching creative parameters

  • We've listened to your feedback, and even though link clicks isn't available in all networks, we've used the "clicks" metric for TikTok & Snapchat.

  • IG Reels is now supported as a placement in conversion campaigns, and also as an organic post for boosting in activation.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a UI issue with key metric symbol in widget edit

  • Updated support for video view campaigns on LinkedIn

  • Fixed issues with creative previews on Meta

  • Fixed issue with creative grouping on LinkedIn

  • Fixed issue with editing audiences/creative for Meta ODAX campaigns


  • Added additional delay for creative calls on LinkedIn to mitigate errors

  • Fixed issue with summary step regarding ad deletion

  • Fixed issue with margin calculation, with regards to different permissions (Users who don't have margin permissions will view the budget as "Budget (Controlled)".

  • Fixed issue with navigation in ad account step

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