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Starting January 29th, 2023, the actual messaging tool used to contact the support will be gone.

The widget used to contact the support team through a messenger widget.

As a replacement, we're switching to a totally new solution that will enhance the capabilities of the support team to work on your inquiries, but also give you more control over the tickets you will open when contacting us.

A constantly evolving web portal that fits the business needs

Pre-defined topics to help you creating new requests or incidents

The web portal helps creating new tickets with the right amount of information depending on the type of request, so that the ping-pong of messages between you and the team will be dramatically reduced and our engineers will be able to work on any new request much faster, without wasting your time asking for more information!

Customized forms for each request type

Mandatory fields are helping us to get the right amount of needed information in order to process any new ticket, while reducing the amount of time you'll wait for the ticket to be processed because of missing information.

Review your opened requests and the ones from your colleagues

See anything that got opened within your organization!

It is crucial to know what was reported by you or your colleagues, and what are the actual statuses of those items.

With this new web portal, you can see the entire list of requests or incidents that got created by you and your organization and see their statuses, comments. You can also interact and comment on any of the tickets even if you're not the original creator.

You can now see anything relevant about the ticket created

Frequently asked questions

How can I access the new web portal for support?

The web portal can be accessed here for users that already have a dedicated account.

How can I get an account on this web portal?

You need to get invited via email to create an account.

  • If your company already has access to the web portal, someone with an account can request for a new invitation through the system: you'll then get an invitation from us.

  • If your company does not have access to the web portal yet, please contact your Paragone account manager so they can request us to invite you (do not forget to provide the email addresses of the people you want to invite).

  • If you're currently a customer using the previous support messaging tool, you should receive an invitation from us soon to get access to the new web portal.

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