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We fetch various types of data across the different networks. Our fetching works in "windows", where our processes begins to fetch the relevant data. Because of that, there could be cases when you compare stats to the native platforms where you'll find discrepancy, which would be eliminated once the fetching process was completed.

Fetching Frequency*

  • Stats

    • Today - Every 1h

    • Last 7 days - Daily

    • Last 30 days - Weekly

  • Structures

    • General - Every 6h

    • Missing structures - Every 3h

* Though we aim to meet the above numbers, there could be issues with fetching that aren't related to our service, as we use other 3rd parties providers for some of the process, while also relying on the fetched network's performance.

Reporting issues with Data Discrepancy

Our fetching mechanism allows for no more than 5% discrepancy over a period of 30 days, though in most cases this discrepancy is even lower.

If you encounter a discrepancy above 5%, please contact our support.

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