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Release Notes - July 31st, 2022
Release Notes - July 31st, 2022
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Main Highlights

Automatic Labeling

You now have the ability to automate your labeling with this new feature!
Create rules to apply labels on either campaigns, ad sets or ads, making your dashboards more insightful than ever.

New design for audience & creative step in activation

See the brand new design of our audience & creative step, which is simpler and more intuitive than before.

Categorized web conversion for Google

We've introduced web conversion categories for Google, making sure you select the conversion you care about.

Other Updates

  • Updated Facebook's 3 second video views metric under:
    "Video Engagements (Paid) > Video Views - Total"

  • Added "archive" & "delete" icons in the dashboard navigation

  • Updated Facebook API from V12 to V14

  • Updated LinkedIn API

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where audiences weren't visible in a public link

  • Fixed an issue with colors for CPA bar graph in campaign list widget

  • Updated logic for sorting when using compared period

  • Fixed a UI issue with tree widget containing long names

  • Fixed an issue where labels weren't been applied

  • Fixed an issue where there was a loading icon for audiences in campaign report

  • Fixed an issue where Instagram feed placement appeared as "Facebook Feed"

  • Fixed discrepancy with "Total Engagement"

  • Updated statistics filter to indicate "CTR (All)" instead of "CTR"

  • Updated TikTok metric for "Complete Payment (Value)"

  • Fixed issue with Pinterest actions

  • Fixed issue with editing bids in Facebook CBO campaigns

  • Fixed issue with changing bid in Snapchat

  • Fixed issue where "Top" widget wasn't loading with "Creative>Visual" grouping

  • Fixed an issue where widget that contained empty rows crashed when sorting


  • Fixed a UI issue with objective names in activation

  • Fixed issue with campaign creation

  • Fixed issue with creating slideshows in Facebook

  • Fixed issue with axis functionality

  • Fixed UI issue with audiences upper age limit

  • Fixed UI issue with schedule layout in settings step

  • Fixed UI issue of warning indication within audience save

  • Fixed issue with creating & duplicating Facebook "Like" campaigns

  • Fixed issue with adding creatives on LinkedIn & Snapchat


  • Fixed issue where ad blocker banner kept showing up

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