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Release Notes - June 27th, 2022
Release Notes - June 27th, 2022
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Main Highlights

Widget filter by statistics

You now have the ability to create more insightful reports, by being able to filter by the most common statistics!

Filter your widgets by highest spenders, top engagers and more.

Supported statistics:

  • Spend

  • Impressions

  • Clicks

  • CPM

  • CTR

  • CPC

Cross-Channel Post Engagement & Performance (Basic) Metrics
We're continuing with our metric parity project, and we've introduced two new categories of metrics:

  • Post Engagement - Includes cross channel likes, comments, shares, etc.

  • Performance (Basic) - Includes cross channel spend, reach, CTR, etc.

Pie chart visualization by percentage

You now have the ability to change the display of pie charts, by selecting "Show as percentage", under "Parameters" in the ⋮ icon

Other Updates

  • Moved "External data upload" under "Ad accounts" section in administration

  • Updated "Last 7" & "Last 30" time periods to include dates until the day before the current date (same as most ads managers)

  • Supported ad name grouping for LinkedIn (in Paragone API as well)

  • Updated UI/UX of objective step in activation

  • Updated tool tip for "compare to" with grouping in widget edit

  • Updated Facebook API to take into account new ODAX campaigns

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed UI name for Discovery campaigns on Google

  • Removed wrong metric of Cost/Page Like (Unique) on Facebook

  • Fixed an issue where iOS app installs weren't showing

  • Supported custom conversions for unknown ad accounts

  • Fixed an issue where bulk labeling not working in the label section

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't see stats within Tree widget

  • Removed Cost/Reach metric from campaigns list

  • Update a UI issue where Google icon was duplicated

  • Fixed an issue where iOS 14+ changes to iOS 13.7 on Audience tab in TikTok campaign report page

  • Fixed an issue where TikTok campaign statuses are not displayed

  • Fixed UI issue where the tooltip for the status is cropped on the tree tab

  • Fixed issue with excel export for dashboards


  • Updated TikTok notification for message field

  • Fixed issue where instant experience on Facebook activation didn't work

  • Fixed issue where you couldn't create TikTok campaign with carrier field

  • Updated tooltip for Snapchat app installs campaigns to select app that is compatible with both iOS and Android

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