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Data Upload - Custom Channel
Data Upload - Custom Channel

Upload your 3rd party data into Paragone, fully integrated into your existing reports

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You can now include your own customized campaigns data in your Paragone reports. Whether it was exported from a 3rd party data source or created in-house, this newly uploaded data will be integrated within your existing reports, creating an aggregated view of all your marketing activities in one place.

Upload a new data source

  1. Got to ad accounts (Top right menu), and click "External Data Upload"

  2. In the pop-up, you'll be able to download the template used to uploading the data

  3. Save your updated file and click “upload file”.

  4. You'll receive a notification upon successful upload

View your uploaded data in reports

  1. Edit the relevant widget

  2. In the filter section, under Ad account-->Network, choose your new data source

  3. You reports will now include your newly uploaded data sources

Limitations & Spec

  • Supported file formats: CSV/Excel

  • Must be aligned with provided template

  • Data cannot be deleted, only overridden

  • Size limit - 1,000 rows

  • Campaign margin not supported

  • Supported metrics

    • Spend

    • Impressions

    • Clicks

    • Conversions

    • Video Views

    • CPM

    • CPC

    • CPA

    • CTR

    • CVR

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