Main Highlights

Supporting Mozilla Firefox browser!

Paragone now fully supports Mozilla Firefox browser, in addition to Google Chrome

UI/UX Improvements in activation

  • Added "Clear All" button for both audience & creative step, to support easy bulk creation.

  • New creative library for Twitter (with created creatives & organic tweets)

  • Updated design of the objective step

  • Changed order of ad formats in creative step (based on most common used creatives)

API Updates

  • Updated Google Ads API version to 10

Bug fixes


  • General

    • Fixed bar chart widget that wasn't properly displaying a daily result for 31-days months

    • Fixed creatives' breakdown that was incorrectly displaying "no available creatives"

    • Fixed attribution window, calendar and saved views buttons that weren't properly displayed

    • Fixed labels that weren't properly filled into Excel exports

    • Fixed dashboard changes not getting saved from time to time

    • Fixed dashboard not opening automatically

  • Network specific

    • Fixed creative preview for TikTok that wasn't properly displaying their images

    • Fixed budget behavior for TikTok that wasn't properly getting updated when an adset was removed

    • Fixed an issue where the Google icon wasn't properly displayed close to the Google name on dashboards

    • Fixed Pinterest's start & end dates not properly displayed on the reporting

    • Fixed Snapchat's breakdowns incorrectly displaying "Unknown"


  • General

    • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to change the network selected first in the creative library

    • Fixed an issue where the name wasn't mandatory when creating an audience

    • Fixed an issue where the dropdown for adsets' selection was broken at the Summary step of the campaign's activation flow

  • Network specific

    • Fixed an issue were Facebook interests' suggestion wasn't displayed anymore

    • Fixed an issue where the bid optimization wasn't the same between Snapchat and Paragone

    • Fixed an issue where no application was available on the audience step for Snapchat's App Installs activation flow

    • Fixed an issue where TikTok dropdowns weren't closing when clicking outside of the area

    • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to search for creatives using a label for Twitter


  • Fixed an issue where the objective filter wasn't available in the Campaign Calendar

  • Fixed an issue where the switch wasn't available in the Campaign Calendar

  • Fixed an issue with the action buttons for the Campaigns Calendar

  • Integration module - disappearance of the API Paragone

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