Dashboard Creation

Step by step guide to creating your dashboards

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Under the reporting tab - to the left - you will see a list of opened dashboards. This is also where you'll be able to create your own by clicking on Add new.

Here, you can choose to select one of our available dashboard templates, or create new one using the "Empty Dashboard" Template

Create a dashboard by selecting a template

Depending on your need, selecting a template might be a good option to very quickly get insights from your running advertising campaigns. Any dashboard generated from a template will remain fully-customizable to fit your needs.

You also have the option to filter the available templates based on your position in the organization (Executive, Manager or Media Buyer)

Available Templates

  • Empty Dashboard - Create a blank dashboard

  • Brand Engagement - Understand how your audience is reacting to your ads, across networks & countries.

  • Business Overview - Get a high level overview of your advertising activity across the various networks. Define KPIs and business metrics to generate daily insights.

  • GEO Analysis - See your ad performance across the different countries, understanding hidden opportunities.

  • Team Management - View your team's performance across their various accounts. Understand how to shift ownership between team members and recognize strengths & weakness. (Prerequisite - Creating a "Team" label)

  • Creative Analysis - Understand how your creative perform across all channels, whether it's by their visual, messaging, or any other component of the creative.

  • Campaign Management - View detailed information of your campaigns, analyzing performance and performing actions on any level of the campaign.

(*) The metrics are pre-generated depending on the objective of the dashboard. However, you can still modify, add or remove any metric from the widgets to build it the way you need.

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