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Promoting Organic Posts - Instagram
Promoting Organic Posts - Instagram
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When it comes to choosing the best ad for your campaign, looking at your organic posts for inspiration is always important.

Paragone offers our users to see all of their Instagram organic posts and select the ones they want to create an ad from.

Important note: Due to Meta's API limitation, promoting Instagram organic posts will not retain the engagement data (as oppose to promoting Facebook organic posts). Instead, it will create new ad, using that post as a template.

How to promote Instagram organic post

When reaching the creatives step in our campaign creation flow, go to the creative library located in the top right corner:

From there, select "Instagram" from the left selection, and your organic posts will be displayed.

Once you select and add the relevant one, you'll be prompted to input the Call to action and the Link that your add will refer to.
You'll also see your post id so you can easily search for it next time you want to promote it.

Once done, your ad will be added to your selected creatives.


The following objectives don't require selecting a Call to action:

  • App Installs

  • App Traffic

  • App Conversions

  • Lead Generation

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