There's a few metrics that you eventually check on all your campaigns whether the objectives you're targeting: Spend, Impressions or CPC must surely count among them no?

On Facebook network, the CPC metric was initially referring to cost per click. Since July 2015, it has evolved to cost per link clicks, ie. the total amount spent divided by link clicks

with link clicks referring to either

  • Clicks to visit another website

  • Call-to-action clicks that go to another website (i.e., “Shop Now”)

  • Clicks to install an app

  • or Clicks to view a video on another website

You could find the metrics Link Clicks and its "Cost per" easily on your dashboards & campaign reports

but we have now decided to align with Facebook definition and implement the change on our platform as well!

The former CPC metric will now appears as Cost/ clicks while Cost/ link clicks will be displayed as CPC.

You won't have to do anything, your dashboards and campaign reports will get automatically updated.

Want to read more from the source of truth?

More info on CPC here & here!

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