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Follow your campaigns spent with pacing metric
Follow your campaigns spent with pacing metric

Track the budget advancement of your campaigns during their time length with our exclusive pacing metric!

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Ever wondered how your campaigns and creatives perform during their lifetime and which budget to allocate to get the best results?

Are you spending time checking your budget consumption every day and tracking your metrics in spreadsheets?

Don't worry anymore! Save some precious time while always having an accurate idea of your spent advancement with pacing metric, an exclusive metric only available here.

How does it work?

The pacing metric calculates the amount of spent in relation to your budget and returns the budget consumption under a percentage value. For instance if your campaign has a budget of 120€ and has spent 35€, the pacing will be 29,1%.

The pacing is available for all our networks but will only work with campaigns with a lifetime budget. Campaigns with a daily budget aren't supported.

How do I find it?

You'll find the pacing metric in the columns of your campaign reports and in widgets under Performance & engagement:

Tip: you can also start typing the name of the metric and it'll be prompted for you to select!

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