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Google Analytics Attribution Model
Google Analytics Attribution Model

Monitor your campaigns performance with GA attribution models!

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To setup you Google Analytics dashboard, please refer to this article.

Google Analytics integration

First of all, make sure your customer manager is familiar with your request so it'll be handled smoothly from start to end.

Important note: We can only integrate historical data if your campaigns included Facebook Ad IDs as detailed in this section. If that is not the case, GA tracking will be for every new campaigns after the below setup.

Whitelisting Paragone in Google Analytics

As a first step, you'll need to open the access to your GA by authorizing the email below

Access rights in GA interface

Map your ad accounts and conversion metrics

  • For every Facebook account for which you want to see attribution data, we require to the GA view id to make the right match.

  • We need the exact names of the conversion metrics you want to see and the Google Analytics goals they correspond to.

  • The time zone is available in the view settings.

An example mapping template of Facebook ad accounts and metrics with GA:

Facebook ad account ID

Google view ID

View Time zone

Conversions in FB

Goals in Google




Add to Cart










Add to Cart


Please your info in a table as the example above.


  • It is not possible to import GA dimensions into Paragone, only metrics.

  • It is not possible to include metrics with percentage/rate.

UTM tagging

  • Your ads must have UTMs integrated into links. UTMs are vital for integration with Google Analytics.

  • If there are no UTMs or they are integrated unproperly, the integration is not possible.

  • Your UTMs must be integrated into each Facebook ad.

  • Only the following UTM parameters should be used:

    • utm_source

    • utm_medium

    • utm_campaign

    • utm_content

    • utm_term

  • One of these parameters should contain Facebook Ad Id inside of it.

  • You may have as many UTMs as you would like to besides {{}} .

This can be easily setup with Paragone's tracking strategy as seen below:

In case you don't have UTM tagging or are not familiar with it, please reach out to your customer manager. Paragone will provide you with all necessary materials or training sessions to help you complete this integration.

Validation process

Once you provide us with the necessary information, Paragone's tech team will validate your account. The tech team checks the quality of collected data and UTMs to make sure that your current Google Analytics and Facebook setup can be used for integration.
If the validation process is completed successfully, you'll get a notification from your customer manager that Google Analytics integration is available for you.
If Paragone's tech team notices any issues, we'll get back to you with suggestions on how the issues should be fixed.

Google Analytics integration works both with conversions and media metrics. It means that once the integration is completed, you can create dashboards with additional media metrics as clicks, views, bounce rates, time on a website, etc.

Attribution models

Attribution model we currently support:

  • First interaction

  • Last interaction

  • Linear

  • Time Decay

  • Assisted Conversion

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