Interested in seeing your data with another attribution model than the one offered by Facebook native tools? That's possible! If you have already done the steps below, you can go straight to here.

If you haven't yet, bear with us on the following steps below!

Google Analytics integration

First of all, please let your Customer Manager know about your request so it is handled smoothly from start to end!

As a first step, you'll need to open the access to your GA by authorizing the email below

in your GA interface:

Map your Ad account (mandatory)

For every Facebook account for which you want to see attribution data, we require to

the GA view id to make the right match.

As an example, your Facebook ad account id can be 12345678 and your Google view id 23456

Give your conversion metrics (mandatory)

Likewise we need the exact names of the conversion metrics you want to see and the Google Analytics goals they correspond to.

For instance your Facebook conversion metrics can be AddToCart, Purchases and

the GA goal Goal 01.

A mapping of the Facebook ad accounts and metrics with GA from above would look like:

Facebook ad account

Google view ID

Conversions in FB

Goals in Google







Sign up






You can send your info in a table as the example above.

(!) Please, note that currently our GA integration and attribution is focused only on conversion metrics. So we can’t provide information on media metrics such as clicks, views, bounce rate, etc.

Attribution model (optional)

This is not required but you can share us the attribution model you want to track if you know it.

Here're the attribution model we currently support:

  • First interaction,

  • Last interaction,

  • Linear,

  • Time Decay

  • Assisted Conversion

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