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How can I duplicate campaigns assets with tracking?
How can I duplicate campaigns assets with tracking?

Tracking is no longer a limitation to duplicate campaigns, copy adsets and ads

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Applying tracking strategies is great to improve the tracking of your performance. Duplicating campaigns is also a fast and easy way to create new campaigns without having to do it from scratch! There was a friction point though that we've now worked on: you can now easily duplicate campaigns with your tracking strategy.

Copy adsets and ads with tracking

You can copy an adset from a campaign without tracking strategy to a campaign with tracking strategy. During the copy process, you'll be able to set the custom parameters from the tracking strategy:

Duplicate a campaign with a tracking strategy

When you duplicate your campaign, you'll be able to select your strategy at the Settings step:

Duplicate in bulk

You can also do this in bulk. Simply select your campaigns from your favorite dashboard and hit Duplicate in the action bar:

You'll then be able to select your strategies for all campaigns or each at once:

You'll be prompted to the custom parameters of the tracking strategy you choose. If there's any error, no worries, we'll tell you and the ad or adset won't be created.

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