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How can I display my ads info and performances in the same place
How can I display my ads info and performances in the same place

Discover our creatives and ads breakdown to make the most of our reporting features!

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Our reporting widgets allow you to display your ads main information and metrics at the same time. Let's see how!

Breakdown Creative and Visual

These breakdowns are easily found under "Creative" in your widgets' grouping setting or in the breakdowns area in campaign reports.

What's the difference?

The breakdown Creative will allow you to display your ads visuals as well as the ads previews when you hover on it:

while the breakdown Visual will display your ads visual and enable you to display in another tab in your browser if you click on "Click to open media in full size" at the top tight:

These breakdowns can be used for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. Regarding Twitter, all sponsored tweets don't necessarily contain an image, it's the case for video tweets. If you find yourself in that case the breakdowns below will sort you out!

Breakdown per Ad

Facebook & Twitter

With the breakdown Ad > Ad, you'll be able to see your ads names and see a preview of each ad upon clicking on an ad's name:

This will work for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Google

Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn are also supported but won't display any preview, the breakdown will only display the ads names as you can already do it by selecting the breakdown Ad > Name in the grouping options:

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