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How to monitor my creatives?
How to monitor my creatives?

Visual and ad format breakdowns on all types of ads (including asset customization and DCO)

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Using asset customization to display a customized creative for each placement is a great way to enhance delivery. Knowing how your ads perform is also a great part of the deal! To follow progress easily and accurately, you can use our visual and ad format breakdowns.

A visual breakdown to monitor per creatives...

You can access it through a campaign report and start typing "Visual" in the breakdown section:

or find it under Creative > Visual in the grouping section of a widget settings:

Widgets can be set on a dashboard or on the customize tab in a campaign report.

...or per ad format

If you wish to see how your ads perform per ad type or format, you can use the breakdown ad format available in campaign reports and dashboards under Creatives.

This breakdown also support dynamic ads and dynamic creative optimization, ie. DCO, ads.

Other options to get your ads preview

Whether you have a link ad or an ad using asset customization, you can always get a preview of it by clicking on the its name

and also browse between different placements to see how your ads look!

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