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How does Attribution Window work on Paragone?
How does Attribution Window work on Paragone?

Select the right attribution window to see the right value for your Facebook metrics

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Checking your data freshness is important, to do so selecting the right attribution window for your metrics is an important and easy step to check, let's see how!

The attribution window is located at the top-right-hand-corner on a dashboard or a campaign report. Click on the gear wheel and you'll be able to select the attribution window that suits your needs for your Facebook metrics.

Since January 2021 and Facebook new changes to ensure App Tracking Transparency (ATT) on iOS 14, the attribution window used on Business Manager for active adsets is 7d clicks by default. We adapted to this new standard as well.

But there're some conceptions. For instance if you have:

  • a conversion campaign (web:purchases metric, ...)

  • a video views campaign (video view metrics, ...)

You should manually switch to the right attribution window - 1d view 7d clicks - to see the right data:

Don't hesitate to check Facebook's documentation here to learn more on this topic or below to see the main changes in a nutshell:

Attribution window in Meta Ads Manager

The native tools now also reflect those changes, meaning that 28-day click, 28-day view, and 7-day view are totally deprecated on their end. See the official Meta documentation about it.

On Paragone, we also had to align with this change since the previous attribution window possibilities are now gone and no longer available through their API, see the technical mapping below (you can follow this technical documentation to know more):

Public links and attribution window

Planning on sharing a public report with restricted access? If you don't want your final user to be able to change the attribution window on his/her side, you'll need to pay a close attention to the attribution window set before sharing.

Curious about how to share a report? We tell you everything about it here!

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