Media Planning involves estimating the results that you'll get in specific marketing actions. For that, you might need to perform calculations with your data.

Number Columns allow you to add numerical information to your Media Plan that you can later use to perform calculations automatically.

Let's assume that we want to have three columns in a media plan with the estimated number of impressions, the estimated number of clicks, and the estimated CTR that we would get.

You can first create the columns "estimated number of impressions" and "estimated number of clicks" following the process below. You can also edit your Column Template if you already have one.

Once you have these two columns in your template you can add the "estimated ctr" by creating an additional column of type Number and typing " (@Estimated clicks/ @Estimated impressions)" in the field dedicated for mathematical operations as shown below.

Now you can create the template and apply it to your Media Plan with the button "Create and apply". You'll see that the columns that involve calculations automatically perform the operations inside your media plan.

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