If you would like to add an additional cost to the spend of your campaigns to take into account other expenses associated with your advertising activities such as campaign management, planning or others, margin is the good option to do so.

For the Media Plan module, the margin can be set at two different places:

1. During the first step of a media plan creation

This means that the actual spend you expect to have for this media plan is 1000€ but the actual cost that will be displayed is 1200€ as there is 20% extra cost associated. The same screen can be accessed through the media plan edition (highlighted in green below).  

In our example of the screen-shot, the campaigns created in this media plan will have a margin of 20%  by default when you create new lines.

2. Campaign per Campaign

It is possible as well to associate a different margin to each campaign. To do so, first make sure that the option "Display margin in the mediaplan" is disabled as shown in the video below.

This will allow you to see the budget with and without the margin and modify the margin percentage of each campaign individually.

The margin information will be automatically populated during the campaign creation in Paragone based on the information of your media plan, once the media plan is validated and if you use the create buttons available or the media plan templates.

Sharing a media plan with margin:

When sharing your media plan if you want the person who receives the report to only see the budgets with margin included, activate the option "Show Margin":

If you don't keep this enabled, the person who receives the link will see both budgets, with and without the margin.

You are now a master of the margin management in the Media Plan 👨🏻‍🏫🎓

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