How to implement Eulerian via S2S tracking with DoubleClick

Find out how to implement Eulerian via S2S tracking with DoubleClick

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Do you have to implement Eulerian solution in a different way that our current Eulerian implementation? No worries, you can implement Eulerian through S2S tracking. Here's a use case of how to implement Eulerian solution with DoubleClick third-party tracking.

First of all, make sur you have the sub-domain provided by Eulerian.

The implementation will consist of 3 steps:

2 - Next, a tracking strategy needs to be created with the parameters below:

  • the post link 

  • followed by mmr_uid 

  • and a custom parameter you'll have to create and name as you wish (here, custom.lien eulerian)

This custom parameter will appear for you to fill in for each ad at the end of your campaign creation at the summary step:

P.S: If you don't know what S2S tracking is or need a refresh, you'll have all info here as well :)

The final ad link will follow this pattern:

DoubleClick link ending + Eulerian sub-domain + mmr_uid + final destination

and will look like this:[...]?Eulerian_sub_domain?mmr_id=xxxxxx¶meters_with_landing_page_url

3. Lastly ask Eulerian to create a S2S connector for Paragone to get all your campaigns data.

Here the event_time is the timestamp of the event, the click_time the timestamp of the link click, event_value a float element and event_type, the name of the parameters you want to track.

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