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Replace parts of the name of your assets in a few clicks!

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There might be times in your life as an advertiser when you want to replace parts of the name of campaigns, adsets or ads.  With this feature, the renaming of those assets will be done without delay! ⚡️

To use this functionality, both in Dashboards and Campaign Reports, select the elements that you want to rename, go to the action bar and select the option rename.

This will open a pop-up with two possibilities:

-Replace completely the whole name of the elements selected and apply the same name to all

-Find words in the assets selected and replace them by something else (this is the option shown in red below)

The following video shows the process step by step. In this case, we renamed a group of campaigns but you can also use this functionality to replace names of adsets and ads.🎉

This option works cross-ad account, which means, that you can select elements from different ad accounts and rename them at the same time.🧞‍♀️

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