Building a media plan might require lots of back and forth and exchanges with different people to get to the final version. With the collaboration tab you'll be able to have all those exchanges in the same place so you don't miss any information.

The collaboration tab is located on the page where you edit/create your media plan and it covers the functionalities below.

Write messages:  to insert a new message just type it and press enter, a new line will be created.

You can edit or delete your messages afterwards.

Reply to messages:  clicking on Reply will open a thread in the initial message

Tag someone in a message: if you want to tag a person of your team in a specific message just type "@name".

Notifications: You'll get a new notification in the bell icon when someone tags you in a message.

And also by e-mail if you activated e-mail notifications.

Media plan logs:  In the collaboration tab you'll also find the history of important changes in your media plan such as: creation, editing after the media plan is validated, validation and import of campaigns into the media plan.

That's all for the collaboration view 🤝

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