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An easy way to apply changes in bulk to your ads!

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Need to change a part of your headlines, copies, or links of your Facebook ads in bulk? This is the right functionality for you to use!

To use "Find & replace" first select the ads you want to change. The ads can be selected from anywhere in Reporting.

Once the ads are selected, click on "Find & replace" in the action bar.

 Important information:

The "Find & replace" of Paragone works cross ad accounts, which means that you can apply changes to ads belonging to different ad accounts at the same time.🚀🚀

On the next screen, you'll be able to write the keyword you want to find and the one which will replace it.

In "Targeted fields" select where you want to execute this operation: links, headlines, or the message of your ads.

Once you are comfortable with the result displayed in the preview click on Confirm.

Depending on the number of ads selected, this action might take a while. 

⚠️This action can't be undone⚠️

All the steps are also shown in the video below 👀

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