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What is Ad Scheduling on Paragone?
What is Ad Scheduling on Paragone?

More control over when your ads are live!

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If you want to work on reducing the ad fatigue your campaigns are producing, or if you're keen on creating a narrative for your ads, and you need to have an order in which your ads are live, we've got just what you need! 

Where can I do that? 

From any Campaign Report, you can add columns for the Ad and Ad Set's Start and End date:

Once you've added the columns, you'll see that the Ad ones are editable, like so: 

You can set specific days and hours where your ad is active afterward! 

You can also modify the dates of activation of your ads in bulk!
To do so, simply select all of the ads you want to modify the scheduling, and use the action bar at the top to "Edit Dates". 

You'll see a new window open, giving your the option to set starting and ending dates for all of the ads selected at once:

Warning⚠️: ad scheduling is a Paragone functionality, not a FB one. Because of this, ads that are planned to start later in the future should be put first in pause. For example, if today is the 10th of Feb 2020 and I want my ad to start delivering on the 15th of Feb my set-up should look like the one below.

When selecting the time of start or end. Set it using the time zone that you are currently using in your computer (your own timezone). 

For example, if I'm located in Paris which is (GMT+1) and I want the ads of my UK campaign to start delivering at 1 p.m. London time (GMT - one hour behind Paris). I'm supposed to set 14:00 as time for my ads to start. 🌍

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