In order to integrate Google Analytics metrics in your reports, you will need to follow a few steps, and then we'll finish the integration on our side. 

Here's what you need to do: 

Whitelist us on Google Analytics 

To do so, we will need you to add this email: into your Analytics account - at the account level.

You'll need to keep the "Inform the user by email" checkbox unticked, and you only need to give Read and Analyse rights, as shown below: 

Please also provide us with the Google Analytics account ID, view IDs and metrics you want to see in our platform. For each view ID, add the timezone associated.

The timezone is available in the view settings.

A few examples of metrics: Bounces, Sessions, Hits, Clicks, Transactions, Revenue...
You can find the full list of metrics and dimensions here.

Please provide the exact GA designation (ga:adClicks, ga:transactions, ga:newUsers...).


  • It is not possible to import GA dimensions into Paragone, only metrics.

  • It is not possible to include metrics with percentage/rate.

Create a tracking strategy

Next, you will need to go in the Automation Center, and create a new tracking strategy with (at least) a Google Analytics dimension parameter you do not use (for example: utm_term) equals to {mmr.tracking_id}.

You can use other standard UTM as well, if you're not using them for other purposes.
Please provide us with the dimension parameter you decided to use.

If you need more information on tracking and UTM, please refer to the article here.

Contact us

Once you've set up the two previous steps, all you need to do is notify us, and our Technical Account Managers will handle setting up the final details on our side!

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