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Paragone API

Detailed information on our API integration

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Paragone API offers many capabilities, from reporting, to activation to other programmatic tools. Our official API docs can be accessed here.

Enriching our API is one of our main priorities, so make sure you review this article every few months, to find out what more can you do with our API.

Accessing the API

Using the API requires a token provided by Paragone. You can can get this token by going to Administration > Integrations, and generating the token.

Keep in mind - This token can only be used by your user. Sharing it with other organizations or users is a violation of our policies.

Using Paragone API will retain the same permissions you have if you were using the Paragone platform. For example, if you don't have activation permissions in the platform, you won't be able to activate campaigns using the API.

API Capabilities

Reporting - Data

  • Ad Accounts (List all ad accounts by network, get details)

  • List all associated entities by ad accounts (Campaigns, Adsets, ads)

  • Get statistics (Campaigns, Adsets, ads)

    • Time periods

    • LinkedIn breakdowns

  • Get structures (Campaigns, Adsets, ads)

Reporting - Actions

  • Create campaign group

  • Update status (Campaign, adset, ad)


  • Campaign templates - Create, update, delete & list.

  • Create Paragone campaign (Unassociated with an ad account)

Authentication & Registration

  • Authentication (Token, LinkedIn Auth)

  • Add new users

  • Register a company

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