Now that you've chosen your objective, let's talk about the Audience! 

Here's what you'll be looking at:

Snapchat's Audience design is slightly different from Facebook's, so we'll focus on these differences first. 


The country selection is limited to only one for Snapchat, but you can add a Location to the mix - you can also use the Map to pinpoint the location you want to target! You can use a radius of up to 100KM on the map.

The Location can be a postal code as well, or a number of other things - you can search for what you want to target!

Changing the country in the Snapchat creation flow will impact the Interests below, as not all of them are available in every country. 


The Age selection can be done two ways: 

  • You can either choose to use the slider to design one (or several) age range(s)

  • You can also use the "Age buckets" below:

You can even set up an Age restriction if your content should not be viewed by everyone. 


You can choose to push your ads to all Snapchat placements at the same time, or you can choose between User Stories and Content ads. 

You can also choose specific content types to exclude: 

Further down, you can choose to target specific OS, Devices, Connection types, and Carriers as well!

Once you're done with your Audience, you can move on to the Creative Step! 

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