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How can I customize further the rights and roles of users?
How can I customize further the rights and roles of users?

The most customizable of our options, laid bare!

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We've talked about the roles available to all users in the article available here, but we'll dive deeper in the options available for custom roles in this one! 

Once you're selecting the "Custom" option in the list of roles, you'll get a longer list of rights displaying in front of you: 

From this screen, you can see the general structure of the platform, combined with more general rights you can grant. 

Checking the Automation, Social Ad-Viser and Billing will give the user access to these pages. You can decide to give only access to Billing for a user managing the invoicing in your company for instance. 

Ticking the "Can manage campaigns" will let the user manage campaigns - but won't enable them to create any. This is very useful for account managers for instance, to let them handle the everyday actions on campaigns. 

You can also enable users to view the margin, to add ad accounts and invite new members, each of them individually. 

Where it gets more complicated is the Campaign creation and Analytics. 

Campaign Creation

In this list, you can design the exact type of account you want users to have, when it comes to creating campaigns - from limiting objectives, to the type of audiences you can use, or even what kind of budget are available. 

For all of the Community Managers, this is a very useful tool. 


Again here, you can limit all of the options for your users, to make you they can access exactly what you need them to. 

Keep in mind you can edit these rights whenever you need to, from the "Team" screen, as we explained in the previous article. 

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