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How to accept the Custom Audiences' Terms of Service
How to accept the Custom Audiences' Terms of Service

A quick fix for your Custom Audience usage issues

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In some cases, you might be impacted by an error saying that you must accept the Custom Audiences Terms of Service (ToS) to be able to proceed.

This is due to a Facebook restriction made to enforce their system.
Here are the steps to follow to fix the issue:

Custom Audiences ToS - User level:

Visit to validate your acceptation of the rules.

Custom Audiences ToS - Business level: 

Visit{BUSINESS_ID} to validate your acceptation of the rules at the business level. 

Note that you need to replace {BUSINESS_ID} per your own.

Custom Audiences ToS - Ad account level:

For each ad account you might need to use, you'll have to make sure that their ToS are also accepted. To do so, use the following URL by replacing {ACCOUNT_ID} with your ad account IDs (act_xxxx format):{ACCOUNT_ID}.


To apply those changes to Paragone, you'll need to refresh your access token provided to our platform. Simply disconnect and reconnect using the Facebook Connect pop-up to reset your access token and apply the modifications on our side.

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