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How can I export my Campaign Reports to Excel?
How can I export my Campaign Reports to Excel?

Export your data in Excel

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Here at Paragone, we're always looking to optimize your time, and help you be as efficient you can, and we know that reporting is probably the most grueling task for users. 

Introducing our Excel Reports! 

Where can I find them? 

In the Campaign reports, you'll find in the top bar a button to export to Excel:

You also have the option to export Public reports, meaning you can send a report to a customer or a manager, and they can extract the results in a neat Excel as well! 

From the main dashboard it is also possible to generate these reports if you first select the campaigns and then select the option "Excel export" shown in the video below.

How do they work? 

Once you click, you'll get a couple of options:

After you've given your file a name, design which metrics are going to be included in your report.

You can easily select or unselect all of them with the buttons under the drop-down list, but you can also decide to select them one by one.

You also have the option to include 'Empty Columns' - if you don't, any column for which there is not stat available will automatically be taken out of the report. 

The time frame, Attribution Window, and Margin settings will be inherited from the report(s) you are looking at. 

Customizing your report

One last thing: if you want your report to be using your own company's logo, instead of ours, you can set that up from your Profile page: 

Just upload the logo you want to use, and it will appear in your report: 

Note: If you don't upload a logo, the one in the screenshots above will be displayed automatically :)

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