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How can I use the External Tracking tab on Paragone?
How can I use the External Tracking tab on Paragone?

Track events with Third Party partners!

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From the Customization part of the platform... 

... you'll have access to the Integrations tab: 

From here, you can see we have an "External tracking" part! 

Start with selecting the External App you want to track (it should be an app you have access to from your Business Manager). After that, you'll have a token to integrate into the Tracking partner you want to use (such as AppsFlyer, or Adjust). 

To complete the integration on Adjust or AppsFlyer side, follow the steps described in the documentation of the links below:

Warning: As you can see at the bottom of the screen, to retrieve the data from both Appsflyer and Adjust, you'll need to have "MMR_" at the beginning of each of your campaign names.

Warning 2: we only retrieve data for campaigns created within Paragone and with the "MMR_" prefix for Appsflyer and Adjust

You can use naming strategies for this! 

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