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How can I copy Ads or Ad Sets?
How can I copy Ads or Ad Sets?

Copying ads and ad sets from a campaign to another is one of the things that should help you get ahead of the game!

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If you want to copy an Ad or an Ad Set to another Campaign for instance (or to the same Ad Set), here's what you need to do. 

While in your Campaign report, select the Ad or Ad Set you want to copy, and in the action bar at the top, in the list of options you'll see the option to Copy! 

Clicking here will open the following window, depending on whether you're copying an Ad or an Ad Set of course:

When copying and Ad set, you'll have to decide if you want to keep the Original Dates of activity or set new ones.

You can decide to copy the Ads as well, gaining even more time! 

When copying anything, you'll have to choose where to copy it:

  • You can copy it within the same ad set or campaign, which is the default selection; 

  • Or you can copy it outside of the original location, by toggling off the button, and opening the following table:

You can either copy to another Campaign or another Ad Set. Simply choose here to copy it, and press confirm! 

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