As we explained in this article, you can set up Naming Strategies to gain a lot of time in your everyday Campaign Creation!

But you can also create more specific Custom Parameters to fit your needs.
To do so, when you're creating a Naming Template and selecting a Dynamic Parameter, at the top of the drop down list you'll find the option to use a custom parameter:

Clicking here will open a new menu on top of the existing one:

We'll talk about the Manual Parameter only here! For Dynamic ones, it's over there!

Remember to give your parameter a name, to find it again quickly next time you need to use it! 

Then, select the level you'll need your parameter at (Campaign, Ad Set, or Ad), and choose the Field type: since your custom parameter will be set manually, it can actually be of two types - a free text, or a list of predefined choices. 

If you're selecting the "Text" option, every time you'll create a campaign, you will have to input a text that will be located exactly where you set the parameter to appear:

If you decide on this option, you'll have to Write your free text in the Settings step, right here:

If you choose the other option, you can design the Parameter even further:

For instance, in our example above, a menu will be available when you create campaigns asking you to select the product category and depending on your choice the code for this category (1234553, 323222, 444242) will be inserted in the name of your campaigns.🧙🏻‍♂️

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