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How can I share Campaign Reports?
How can I share Campaign Reports?

This Agency-focused feature is very helpful to share data and stats of your campaigns!

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If you want to share the results of a campaign (or even simply the setup, audience chosen, and bid types), we have the feature for you! 

In any Campaign Report, you will see the feature appear at the top of the screen:

If you click here, it will open the following window:

From here, you'll be able to design your public report to your liking.

You can decide on which report tab you want people to see on their reports, and you can allow them to change the timeframes, giving them the option to view historic data more easily! 

You can also give users the option to edit your widgets on their own, to give them more flexibility!

Of course, the report is in "Read-Only" mode, so don't worry about data being changed. 

Tip: When sharing a report, the user clicking on your link will see exactly what you were seeing, so remember to select carefully what you share!

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