To create a Twitter Campaign, the flow is very similar to the Facebook one.

We'll go through each step, from the Objective selection, to the Audience designing and the Creative choice, and finally tuning the final details! 

Let's dive right in!

What are the objectives available? 

Most of these objectives are the same as the Facebook ones, but let's review what they do! 

Web Objectives

The Traffic Objective aims at sending people to specific places of your website. The tweet you'll build will direct the user towards an article, an app or anything you want them to see! 

Mobile App Objectives

App installs

The Mobile App Installs objectives pushes users to install the App you're promoting. Your Tweet will be directing the user to the App Store of your choice, directly on the page of your App!


The Mobile App Engagement objective aims at pushing the user to come back to your App. You can directly send your users to your app! 

Brand Objectives


The Brand Awareness Objective aims at making your brand more known. It will try to push the Tweet to as many people as possible. 

Video views

The Video Views Objective will show your Tweet to as many people as possible, and especially to people that are the most likely to watch your video.

Twitter Account Objectives


The Followers Objective will push your tweet to try and get as many new followers as possible for the account you're promoting. 


The Engagement Objective will try to get as many Interactions from other users (Likes, Retweets and Replies). 

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