Paragone and the GDPR
How we're preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation
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We believe that the GDPR is a key step forward for users' privacy. Paragone is preparing for the GDPR.

⚠️ This article contains resources on the topic, and is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal advice. 

What Personal Data are Processed by Paragone?

The most important point to understand here is that the only personal data we process is data about the users of the MakeMeReach platforms. We do not process data about end users; in other words, those individuals seeing the ads.

As such, if you are looking for details regarding the GDPR compliance of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, we invite you to visit their respective resource centers:

You also might want to review the terms and conditions and data policy of these 3rd parties as they will help you understand how they are handling personal data.

However, we do process data about our own users: that is, advertisers using the Paragone platform.

The personal data we process is composed of profile data (name, email, etc…) or behavioral data (amount of sessions, error logs, feature used, …). We need this data to operate and provide our service.

Our Data Policy will be updated periodically to detail exactly what data we have and how we process it or share it with 3rd parties.

ℹ️ This article will be updated to reflect changes related to our GDPR preparation efforts.

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