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Understanding the Automation Center: Creating Strategies
Understanding the Automation Center: Creating Strategies

Discover how to bundle your rules into a strategy for a more efficient campaign management!

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Now that you know how to create rules, let's talk strategies! 

The first step is going to be naming your strategies - try and adopt a naming convention so that when your rules and strategies apply, you know exactly what happens. 

You can choose to turn off the strategy in the beginning, to make sure it doesn't trigger in case some of the details are not set up properly yet!

Once you've named your strategy, you'll need to add some rules previously created to it:

Just click on the + on the left of the rule, and it will be added. If you have not created rules yet, or if you want to create more rules, you can always do it from here! 

Finally, it's time to choose the entities your strategy will be applied to:

When creating your rules, you had to choose the general target for them -  Campaign Group, Campaign, etc... This will be important now that you select the specific one.
If your rule is locked on Campaign Groups, you won't be able to select any lower level than this (Ad Set or Ad).

Using a higher level of selection enables you to have an adaptive selection.
For example, if you choose any number of campaigns in a Campaign Group, the rule will only be applied to the campaigns selected. Whereas if you had chosen the campaign group directly, any campaign that you include (in the future) in the group will be covered by the rule (or strategy) you are applying. 

Once you've selected the entities you want your strategy to apply to, just save and you're good to go! 

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