Is my Pixel set up properly?

A small tip to help you verify your Pixel works as planned

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Now that you have set up your Pixel, and maybe some more advanced events to track, you need to make sure everything is working properly.

Facebook created a Chrome extension called Pixel Helper, available here

The extension will let you know whether or not there's something wrong with your pixel! The page linked above will also help you start the debugging process :)

Let's get a quick look at how the extension works. You will get a list of the events you set up, with an indicator of their status.

A Green Tick means that your event is working as expected, nothing for you to do!

Yellow messages are warnings: this should work, but you can encounter unexpected behaviours. Consider fixing these issues (with Facebook's help). 

Red messages are errors: the event is not working, and fixing these issues should be a priority (if the events you're tracking are important to your campaigns). 

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