Selecting the audience for your ad might just be the most important thing to do.

Every time you will click on the + to the right of the option, it will add a dimension to your pool of audiences. To give you an example: 

  • You added two separate locations, you have two audiences. If you add a locale, you'll have 2 locations that each have the same locale, but adding a second locale will double the number of audiences. 

  • The total number of audience is the multiplication of each parameter's number of set. For instance: 2 locations X 1 locale X 2 genders X 1 age range = 4 Audiences for your ads. 

Here's what your audiences page will look like: 

We'll look at each of the criteria to explain them: 


You can select a region, country or city. After that, you can add whether the people you want to target are living there, are simply travelling there, or just came by recently. A more detailed explanation of these options can be found here.

You can also use a map to pinpoint location(s) for your audience: 

Using the map, you can also choose to target people in the area of a city, and within a given radius as well: 


Enables you to limit your Audience to a group of people speaking one (or multiple) language(s). 


Select the gender of your audience. You can either choose each gender separately, creating two audiences, or add both of them at the same time, creating one audience only. 


Selecting the age range for your ad is pretty simple: either choose a wide range (from 18 to 64 for instance), and you will have a single audience; or select one, or several, smaller one(s) (from 18 to 25, another from 25 to 40). This will create two audiences, but will enable you to analyze more clearly with whom your ad is the most effective. 

Avanced Targeting

In this section, you will be able to refine your targeting by selecting your audience's interests, behaviors and even more specific characteristics. Simply type what you're looking for, and add it to your Audience.
You can also exclude specific interest groups by clicking on the Exclude button in red:


The last step will be to select your placement(s). You can, as for the previous steps, either include all of them (Auto) or add them separately. Adding them separately will help you refine your targeting when you analyze the results of your campaign, but we'll tackle this later. 

You'll also have access to more advanced placement options for mobile: 

Choosing a specific OS will enable you to limit the version(s) of the devices you will reach, and the connexion type will shape your audience as well. 

Audience Library

If you're particularly satisfied with an audience that performs well, you can save it for later! Simply click on  the "Save" button displayed below in red :

In future campaigns, you will be able to add this saved audience from the library, located at the top of the screen (displayed in red below). 

You'll only need to click on the "+" and you're done!

Now that you know who is going to see your ad, let's get to creating it! 

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