How can I use Zapier with Paragone?
Zapier can enable you to automate triggers for your campaigns from other apps - check out how to set it up!
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Zapier allows you to automate your campaigns according to several conditions such as the daily weather, Mailchimp newsletters, etc.

Automation Center Rule

To use Zapier effectively on your campaigns, you'll need to get to the Automation Center first! From there, you'll need to create a rule, with, as the condition for the trigger, Zapier:

Once the rule is created, you'll have to select it when creating your Zap, as you'll see below!

Creating your first Zap!

To integrate Zapier with Paragone, a token is required, which you can obtain from your customization page.

Once you have the token, please, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a Zapier account here

  2. Integrate Paragone in the Zapier Dashboard using the invitation here

  3. Create your first Zap on Zapier (example below)

On the Zapier interface click on the option "Make a Zap!" in the top left corner

Setting up the trigger:

  • Add the first app which will trigger the action on Paragone. For this example, we're using the Weather by Zapier! 

Usually you would also have to choose the trigger

Setting up the action

  • Choose the MakeMeReach 2.0 app 

  • Select the action that you want to perform (currently you can only fire an automation center rule):

  • Connect your Paragone account. The token provided on your Paragone Customization->Integrations page will be requested at this step

  • Select the Automation Center Rule you want to fire (the rule should be created first in Paragone, as explained above, and needs to be associated to a strategy):

Once you've chosen your rule to trigger, you're almost done! You can test the trigger to see if everything works fine:

The test should be answered with a notification on your Paragone page:

Attention ⚠️

This test will actually fire the rule selected in Paragone and all the elements that were associated to that rule will be impacted by it as if the condition you set up in Zapier was met.

You should be set now! Don't forget to turn on your automation for it to work without your supervision 😉

If you want to discover more use cases of Zapier, you can read this article of our blog!
You can learn how to set up more advanced rules here!

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