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Let's look into your profile page and how to manage it.

From here you'll be able to add people to your team, send them invites, and manage the ad accounts associated to your Paragone account. Let's have a look at all the tabs one by one.


Here you'll have a few options available to you. Anyone that is in your Facebook Business Manager will appear here as a user you can send an invite to.
Once you've sent your invite, in case the user did not accept or did not receive, you can always re-send it! 

Ad Account(s)

During the account creation, you were asked to link a Facebook Ad Account (one, or several). If you missed one, or if you want to add another one afterwards, you can do it from here! You'll also have access to the Ad Account ID from here. 


A Brand is an object in Paragone that is required to use specific modules of the platform such as the Recommendations module or the Media Plan module. Further details can be found here.


If your email is not the correct one, or if you want to name this profile differently (if you're using the platform to manage several companies, you can add them to your display name, and simplify your life from here!).

From this page, you can also Download the information Paragone has that you have given permission to share; and you can decide to Delete your account. 

If you do click on this button, a request will be made to our Technical Support, and after confirming with a member of the support, you can delete the account.

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